Rita Jean Moran has always enjoyed studying ancient cultures, legends, folklore and mythology and has observed that most ancient stories are very similar across all cultures including stories of floods and giants and little people. She visits many of the places she writes about. The cover art of many of her books includes her own photography with some imagery illustrated into the photographs.          

One day, when she took her family to visit a cave in Texas, an idea was born inside her mind. It started out as a set of children’s books and has blossomed into finding what she believes is a true and factual story that has never been told before. She began with writing, The Library Kids, after this visit to the cave. After doing years of research and writing for her children’s series, she formulated what she calls The Mythological Unification Theory. This theory tells the story of what she terms, The Cronide Bloodline, and their global travels and civilization of the world between 15,000 to 19,000 years ago. Rita Jean Moran has since written a new series called her Hidden Human Story Series for a more mature audience that tells the tale of this family.           

Hidden Human Story looks at the secrets of the past with an emphasis on the Cronides, mythology, legends, folklore, bloodlines, symbolism, the news, the occult, religion, and obscure archaeological finds.  It is the goal of the author of this website to present the hidden story of our past based on many years of research into ancient texts (from Harvard’s Loeb Library, the British Library, and many other sources), comparative mythology, comparative anthropology, the study of symbolism, obscure archaeological finds, and modern DNA tests.

Lastly, while out in the field visiting ancient massacre sites and Indian Mounds, Rita Jean Moran, has unexpectedly experienced multiple paranormal experiences. Because of these encounters, she has created a third books series, Tales from the Mysterious Side, to write about and explore these strange encounters.