Website Purpose

This website will focus on mythology, ancient texts, symbolism, esoteric writings, and unusual archaeological finds as well as historical tidbits that are hidden from the masses. My other mythology blog (see My Mythology Blog page for link) gives a good overview of world mythologies, legends, and folklore and is geared towards a family audience. 

This site will delve into the deep, dark secrets of ancient mythology that mainstream tries to hide.If you follow my work, you will begin to understand the story of a family that had existed over 15,000 years ago that has been hidden from the masses.  This family travelled the world to civilize it after a terrible violent tragedy happened to one of the family members.  This family is the root of every mythology and religion around the world.

Without a doubt, I have uncovered ancient writings that no other researcher has done that describes this family and what happened to them.  I have written several books in conjunction with these blogs to bring their story to life and to remove the secrets that the priests have held for too long and reveal them to the masses.

Discover the story of a family from ancient Tyre, Byblos, and Crete that changed the world.  Discover the story of the Cronide bloodline…

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