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Dr. Christy Turner

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Dr. Christy Turner is a famous anthropologist out of Arizona who turned the “history” of the Pueblo people upside down.  He was attacked vigorously for his theory that an extensive cannibal culture (originating out of Mexico possibly) came up and instituted human sacrifice and cannibalism during the Anasazi period. He pointed out over 75 sites that had evidence of violence and/or cannibalism and was finally able to prove it out through the examination of coprolites (fossilized feces) and cannibalized bones.



This is not a surprise to me.  Those following my work, know that I have uncovered ancient texts out of the Loeb Library that specifically state that cannibalism was a world problem during the Cronide time period.  It is also a fact that an elaborate cannibal culture existed in Mexico and Central America and probably also existed in the Mississippian Culture (evidence of human sacrifice and some cannibalism has been found).  It also appears that human sacrifice was present in the Peru area and there are possible indications of cannibalism in the area as well as other parts of South America (some of it is endocannibalism versus exocannibalism).


Here is part 1 of a 6 part series on his work and findings on youtube.



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