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Lucy Thompson (Yurok) Testimony

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When the Indians first made their appearance on the Klamath River it was already inhabited by a white race of people known among us as the Wa-gas.  These white people were found to inhabit the whole continent, and were a highly moral and civilized race.  They heartily welcomed the Indians to their country and taught us all of their arts and sciences.  The Indians recognized the rights of these ancient people as the first possessors of the soil, and no difficulties ever arose between the two people.  Their hospitality was exceedingly generous in the welfare of our people, and all prospered together in peace and happiness, in their pursuit of human existence.  After a time there were intermarriages between the two races, but these were never promiscuous.  For a vast period of time the two races dwelt together in peace and honored homes; wars and quarrels were unknown in this golden age of happiness.  No depredations were ever committed upon the property of their people, as the white people ruled with beacon light of kindness, and our people still worship the hallowed placed where once they trod.  Their morals were far superior to the white people of today; their ideals were high and inspired our people with greatness.  After we had lived with these ancient people so long, they suddenly called their hosts together and mysteriously disappeared for a distant land, we know not where.


-Lucy Thompson – To the American Indian, pages 81-82.


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